Middle Ground to White and Black Hat SEO

Agencies for SEO such as Wellington SEO have been gaining much hype in recent times. This is due to the the success it has gained to correctly and efficiently lift your business for the better. How does SEO does this exactly? To generate an answer for that query the burning question of ‘What is SEO?’ must be answered. SEO is Search Engine Optimisation made short. This is when a website is optimised so that it may appear higher on the search engine result list of a search engine. To do this there are many different ways and methods but they are divided into two main categories. The first is named the white hat SEO method. The next one is named black hat SEO. Are these the direct opposites of each other the name suggests? That answer is yes.

White Hat SEO- This is the method that is used by most SEO agencies at it is the more ethical and legitimate one.This is because its efforts are long lived. In short white hat SEO optimize your site based on organic link building as well as writing quality content. Quality content entails to content that actually knows what it is talking about and is unique to its own and not plagiarized. Organic links are links are built such as relevant backlinks and internal links. Both of these will in the human equivalent “ give google confidence to choose your site”.

Black Hat SEO- These are the rebel techniques of the SEO industry. These techniques are well crafted in the loopholes and shortcomings of structure of Google. A good example of a Black Hat technique is Keyword stuffing. This is when that specific researched keyword is overused excessively in that site to the point the content it is writing is not making sense. Another method is misleading titles that will trick google and users into thinking that your website is about the searched keyword when it actually isn’t. This way of SEO however will provide much faster results as compared to White Hat SEO.

So which should a business pick? The ethical method but the slower one? Wouldn’t that be going against the objectives of the business? Wouldn’t that anger the shareholders? This where the middle ground comes in. Introducing the Gray Hat SEO. This is the SEO that incorporates a little of the both SEO that have been mentioned. This method however is the option to go to when there is a deadline given by customers and the white hat method is not generating results fast enough.

In conclusion, the white hat technique is the one to go to when looking for long term benefits and the black hat method s the one for fast results. The grey hat method also can be used but that is a thing to rest on your conscience.